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"The Peculiar Patriot", a brilliant one woman show.

There is rarely a show that everyone is talking about in the same way, especially a one person show. But now that is in fact the case, and the name of the show is “The Peculiar Patriot” written and performed by Liza Jessie Peterson.

This show had its first major outing at The National Black Theatre in New York this September where it played to stunningly good reviews. Not only did the critics like it but most of the performances were sold out.

The show is about what happens when a person in prison is visited by someone who really cares. It is a show with humour, pathos and social relevance.

Liza explained in a podcast we did earlier that she was inspired to write the show as a result of working with young offenders at Riker’s Island and seeing the enormity and complexity of the industrial prison complex and the effect it had on prisoners as well as their family and friends.

Because of the show’s success, it has been rescheduled for a spring run at the National Black Theatre, which could put it in the position to play Broadway.

We are hoping that theatres across the world will see what a great financial opportunity it could be to bring in a show that is both critically acclaimed as well as a crowd pleaser. You can hear our podcast with Liza Jessie Peterson at:

So we ask theatre artistic directors to take a look and consider bringing this show to their theatre. For those who may be interested please contact us here at the theatre stream channel and we will relay your message to the author’s representative.

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