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Podcasting with Toni Henson from the Atlanta Black Theatre Festival

This week on our podcast we spoke with Toni Henson the founder of the Atlanta Black Theatre Festival.

This is a unique festival in Atlanta Georgia that has been taking place for 6 years. Constantly growing since its inception, it presently receives from 3,500 to 4,000 guests annually over the four day festival period. The 40 different theatrical events over the four days include workshops, performances and symposiums.

So if you are an actor or a producer interested in learning the ropes of theatre, this is probably a very good place to do it because they offer the kind of non-competitive atmosphere that can allow for development.

Also if you are a writer with a new show you’d like to see produced, this festival might be the right place for you to consider.

The website begins accepting submission of new shows for next years’ festival in January of 2018.

For more on the Atlanta Black Theatre Festival see the website:

To hear Toni Henson, go to the podcast page on our website.

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