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Video Guide

  • We are promoting theatre on film so when filming, try to stick to simple shots so that it looks like a theatrical piece and the audience gets a sense of what they would see from a theatre seat. Do not use techniques such as close ups and reverse close ups as would be used in a short film and keep the filming simple.


  • Block off a specific space and work within that space so that your space is equivalent to a stage. Filming against a wall in a room as if on stage or against a backdrop is perferable to an open space.


  • Keep in mind that the edited drama or comedy skit needs to be 2 minutes in total including any titles.


  • Stick to the subject as outlined in the subject guide when writing your performance piece.


  • All copyright to the original writing and performance you upload to our site remains your intellectual property.


  • Keep the idea simple and clear in its execution. Even if you are using many actors, make sure that the idea is clear and that they all are in frame during filming.


  • Use something to stabilize the camera (a tripod if possible) If you don’t have one then even if it is using gaffer tape to tape your mobile phone to the back of a chair so that camera is stable as you are filming would be ok. You would not want the jumpiness of the camera to detract from the performance.


  • Before you upload your video to our site, check to make sure that the audio on your video is clear because we do not want to lose the words of your performance. If placed in a good position your phone should be able to capture decent audio.


  • By uploading to our site you agree to our conditions of viewing which allows all persons in the performance to be shown via our website worldwide. By uploading to our site you agree to these aforementioned terms.

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