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As we understand that each production is unique and may have a specific optimum audience, we seek to accomodate you by offering you a package that best fits your needs to market, promote and advance your theatre production.

Basic Package
With our basic streaming service. We host  your video on our website so that viewers will be able to access your video 24/7 on a free or pay-per-view basis as you wish. The price for each viewing would be either 5 or 10.00 GBP.
You will receive 100% of your pay-per -view fee sent to you on a monthly basis.
People who visit our site looking for productions similar to yours will be able to see your production without any marketing on your part.
Fee: 25.00 per month.payment accepted via Pay Pal ( direct debit, a minimum of three months for this plan.
Advanced Package
With our advanced package , we will host your video on a 24/7 basis on a free or pay perview basis and in addition you will receive.
Marketing support: We use our vast worldwide data base of contacts in the theatre world to help you expose your production. This will result in higher visability as well as increase the possibility for your show being picked up by other theatres and or producers who might be intetested. 
The "Social Media Package" we will send you give you an insightful approach to marketing your play via social media.
Production Feature: We can feature your production with a two minute video to give audiences a taster of your performance.
contact info: We help you to offer your contact information (only if you choose) to producers who may be interested in contacting you for a future performance or and other business.
Fee: 50.00 per month. Payment accepted by Pay Pal or credit card (direct debit)
Co-Producer's Package
With this package you receive everything in the ADVANCED PACKAGE PLUS...
The Producer Package includes three elements to take your show from a local to a regional to an international level. The elements specifically are: 1) Strategic Development Planning, (2) Financing, and (3) Multi Media sales efforts.
1. Developmental Planning: is the consultation process of how to prepare best  your script so that it has as much potential as possible to create a commercial product.
2. Financing: How to structure your show so that it has commercial interest to a professional financing. Creating a fiancing plan that will appeal to your specific product.
3. Multi-Media Sales effort: The pitching of your show to various media including other theatre companies, televion and cinema to enhance the exposure of your play and create a growing paid audience.
In this you we associates with with you to guide your your show with professional care to the next stage.
Fee: 75.00 per month. Payment accepted by Pay Pal or credit card (direct debit)
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